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There are basically 5 to 6 types of Social Media Marketing platforms that you as a social media marketer can access to reach your audience. Some social media marketers will only use one or two while others will try using all 6. The ones you choose to use will be based on what you are promoting or how you what to engage with your readers. I will list below the different types of social media marketing.

Social Media

Here are the Top 6 Types of Social Media Marketing Platforms:

*~*Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

These types of networks let you share pictures, blog posts, videos.

*~*Discussion Forums

These are for discussing specific tops with other people interested in the same topic as you.

*~*Blogs: Blogger, WordPress

Blogs allow users to write, post pictures, do “How To’s”, share videos, post reviews, etc

*~*Media Sharing Networks: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook Live

You connect with your audience through mainly pictures and videos

*~*Shopping and Interest-based Networks

Share through shopping and interest-based audiences

*~*Consumer Review Networks

Share reviews to readers who are interested in purchasing an item

Those are the top 6 different types of social media marketing platforms. Once you figure out who your audience will be, that will lead you in the direction of what type of social media platforms you will need to use to reach your audience.

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