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Stumblin’ Over what to Write About?

Hey you! Whatch’a gonna post about on social media today? Any ideas? Hmmm, nothing….nada? I know the feeling all to well. You have this wonderful gorgeous blog all set up and ready to go. Probably have a couple of posts on it. But then, oh no, you know you gotta write another post, you gotta get your blog out there with fresh content, so that all elusive audience will finally start to take notice.

But, still no ideas. Now you know what a writer goes through and why they call it “Writer’s Block”. You get up out of your chair, you do a chore, trying to come up with a catchy idea to write about, nothing, you search the internet for ideas, there are gobs and gobs of ideas out there. But you think, Nope, these ideas are over-used, they won’t catch any ones eye, and the search continues.

Maybe you pick up a magazine, maybe you turn on the radio or the TV. Maybe you will get lucky and something will catch your eye. Been there and done that! I am here to give you some really excellent ideas for social media posts. Posts that will look good on your blog and then you can share on Facebook, twitter and or Instagram.

Top 25 Ideas for Posts:

  1. Money tips
  2. Raising kids tips
  3. Raising teenagers tips
  4. Quick dinner recipes for busy weeknights
  5. List the top 5 places to finds jobs online
  6. List the top 10 ideas for side income gigs
  7. Take a poll
  8. Give solutions for problems
  9. Ask them questions, to get your audience involved like:
    1. What is there favorite comedy movie?
    2. What is there favorite type of meal?
    3. What is there favorite pet?
    4. Where would they love to go on vacation?
  10. Give fun facts
  11. Do a What happened in History on this date
  12. Easy to take care of plants that help filter your breathing air
  13. Ways to keep kids busy during Covid-19
  14. Ways you keep yourself from going indoor crazy during Covid-19
  15. DIY posts, with you giving the steps of how to, along with pics.
  16. Share the books you have recently read
  17. Share the movies you recently watched
  18. Share your favorite TV shows that you enjoyed binge watching
  19. Talk about a recent problem that you had to get through
  20. Share your most favorite apps on your phone
  21. Share the apps that you use weekly to make money when shopping
  22. Share your favorite funny tiktok video
  23. Share your favorite cute pet video
  24. Share your favorite song video
  25. Talk about a current event

So there you go, now go and pick one out and go to town, You got this! I know you can do it.

You wanna share your ideas for writing posts for your blog with me. I would love to read and don’t be offended if I take one of your ideas and run with it. Come on now, who doesn’t like taking other peoples ideas. I sure do. That is what makes this fun.

Talk soon,