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Hoping Everyone is Celebrating the 4th of July

by being with your immediate family, eating from the grill, shooting off fireworks, eating ice-cold watermelon and most importantly staying safe, social distancing if other members of your family who don’t live with you or friends come over to visit.

Enjoy yourself, but stay safe, cause I don’t know about you but I am so done with this Covid19, I could spitfire.   Don’t get me wrong I will continue to wear the masks and gloves, carry hand sanitizer and wipes with me when I go out in public, that is how done with this virus I am.  I am have been homebound since the middle of March when we started getting word of how dangerous this virus is, even though the government has known about it since January.  Why couldn’t they let more of the public know how dangerous it is a lot sooner than January.

It is so crazy that someone could be walking around with it and spreading it and not even know they are carrying it.  So yeah, even if you don’t wanna wear the mask or think it’s your right not to wear the mask how is ya gonna feel if you have it but don’t know you have it till after visiting one of your elderly kinfolks?  So yeah gonna wear the mask! Sorry about the rant, but had to get it out there and off my chest.

Anyways, have fun, enjoy yourself and stay safe!