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Social media

You know you want a strategy for posting to Social Media, but where to start? I am here to help guide you along the way to knowing How to Create a Social Media Strategy. Are you ready?

Here is a list of Action Steps to get you started:

**Write Down your Top 5 Goals for Social Media

ex: I want more followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

**You will need to know your audience

ex: What is the average age, sex, location of my readers?

**Complete an audit of your social media profile

ex: What is working? What is not working? Is anyone engaging with you?

**Know your competitors?

ex: Try to learn from what they are doing.

**Set up your social media accounts and profiles and set your strategy for each.

ex: Set up a Facebook Business Page.

**Read other Social Media Success stories to help inspire you

ex: What do your favorite brands do on Social Media?

**Set up your Social Media Content Calendar

ex: Set your posting schedule.


**Note:  Some pages on this website contain affiliate links and ads.  Full Disclosure.

I hope this list of needed actions will get you on the road to creating your own social media strategy. You can also check out my support for learning social media strategies here.

Talk soon,