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Have you ever wondered how to Sell Your Electronics Online? Maybe you have a few electronics around your house that you just don’t use anymore. Maybe you have updated some of these items to the newer version and now what to get rid of the ones you are no longer using. But just don’t know really how to start or where to sell these items online.

Well, I am here to help you out.

Just today I posted an Instant Pot, an Epson XP-440 Wireless Printer, and a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker online to sell. It is really not a hard process, and it’s actually pretty easy posting your items online to sell.

How To Sell Electronics Online:

  1. Find your Items.
  2. Test/Clean your Items
  3. Take Pictures of your Items
  4. Post your Items Online

Those are the basic steps to selling online. Now Let’s explain each of these steps in a little more detail, shall we?

Find your Items

Go into each of your rooms in your house, even the garage and take a good long look, in the main part of the room, and don’t forget about closets. Do you see any electronics that you haven’t used in the last 6 to 12 months? If you do, grab it and take it to your dining room table, or at least somewhere where you can collect and put all of your items in one spot. After you have searched each room and located all of your electronics that haven’t been used recently, head on over to your collection location.

Test and Clean your Items

You will need to test each one of your items by plugging it in and turning it on to make sure it is still operating. Once you test each of your items, it would be a good idea to have pencil and paper handy so you can write down the brand name, what the item is and if it works, plus any other details you would want to know if you were in the market for this same item. Once you have tested and taken notes of the items you will then need to use either an electronic wipe to clean each item and to make it shine and look good for the picture taking step.

Take Pictures of your Items

You will now want to take your items to a location that is clutter-free and with a solid color background and table-top. You will want to take pictures of each item from the front, side, back, with any accessories, with an open lid if it has one, and the brand name should be included in one of the pictures. Check out your pictures as you are taking them to make sure they turn out clear and are clutter-free.

Post your Items Online

When you are ready to post online you might want to go the websites you are posting on to see how much each of the items you are wanting to sell are being sold on those websites, so that you can get a good idea of how much you are wanting to offer your items for. That way you will be selling your items at the best price. The places I use for selling items online are:

But there are a few more, that I haven’t tried:

When posting your items online, make sure you add as many details about the item as you can, post pictures, and make it look the best you can. If you would like to learn more about selling and marketing online, or building websites to sell products on, go here to try building your own website for free.

**Note:  Some pages on this website contain affiliate links and ads.  Full Disclosure.

I hope this article will give you the confidence to sell your electronics online. If at any time you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop them below in the comments section, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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