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**Note:  Some pages on this website contain affiliate links and ads.  Full Disclosure.

Is it the fear of the cost of creating a blog? If that is the case, you can definitely go Here and create one for free without ever paying a dime. I mean literally no cost what-so-ever to create two different blogs on whatever subjects you find interesting. Are you one of the people, kinda like me, who wants to get their toes wet before jumping into the lake?

I personally like trying things before spending a dime. Checking the product out, looking for written Guarantees for money back, or making sure there is Great Customer Support. I mean really why would anyone in a good state of mind want to buy something without putting the time into research, play around with or checking out other companies who are offering the same type of product?

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Love trying things before I buy:

Personally I love getting a new cellphone, you know the latest model. I will spend hours watching videos about the unboxing,  any little hints of what might be included, going to the brand website and reading any written word about the descriptions, and then looking at all the photos. So why would joining a website to create a blog be any different?

Building a website is creative, fun, and to be honest can be somewhat stressful if you join a blog building site that doesn’t offer the training, support, or expertise that you might need when you need it.


So why wouldn’t you try a blog building website before buying?

Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you could possibly want when needing to build a blog or a website and they let it you try it before buying. You can even stay with the free version that includes 1free blog if you wanted, there is no pressure to join the paid version.

The community by itself is so encouraging and helpful. The 2 co-owners are always reachable. They allow you to try before you buy. So if the fear you have is being pressured into paying before trying, please rest your mind and don’t give it a second thought.

Now go on and stick your toes in and get them wet, see how warm it is? Now you are ready to take the plunge.

**Note:  Some pages on this website contain affiliate links and ads.  Full Disclosure.

Go here to check it out!

I am here anytime you have a question or want to leave a comment below. Enjoy the experience!

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