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We are living in a very social world, these days, even more so now that Covid-19 has taken over our lives and this seems to be the only way we can see our loved ones, friends, and colleagues. So even more so today, we have to be very careful of what we post online. Here is a list of things not to post on social media, the things on this list is what I work to leave off of any social network sites I happen to be involved with.

Social Media

Things Not to Post on Social Media:

  • Abusive Content
  • Details for any Vacations
  • Selfies
  • Obscene/vulgar Language
  • Threaten anyone
  • Your Personal Location
  • Drug Content
  • Untrue or Incorrect Statements about Others
  • Bad Grammar or Spelling
  • Personal Conversations via Screenshot
  • Never Say anything bad about your Employer, Colleagues, Classmates, and Professors.
  • Pictures or Videos of your Friends, Colleagues, Professors, and Classmates
  • Offensive/Adult Content
  • Pictures of your Credit Cards
  • Financial Status
  • Bad Comments of your Ex’s
  • Personal Information regarding your Ex’s
  • Pictures of any Party you went to that you wouldn’t Invite your Grandma to.

So just use your best judgment or use this statement as judging if you should post this item on Social Media… Would I invite my grandma to this party or gathering, Would I show my grandma this selfie, would I let my grandma read this post?

Going by Would I let Grandma… will help you decide if you should post this item, picture, social gathering to any of your social media outlets. Cause we all know if Grandma is a No then your present of future boss wouldn’t want to see it either.

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